Anatomy Laboratory

Human Anatomy Laboratory is a place where students are taught to dissect the cadaver and explore it for the basic learning needed for academic curriculum. It also provides a large means of exposure of anatomical charts, models, soft tissues & skeletal structures extracted from the cadaver as well as skeletal posters for surface anatomy.

Physiology Laboratory

Human Physiology Laboratory introduces students to laboratory techniques in the study of physiology. It is fully equipped with a wide range of facilities to allow individuals to be assessed various system of our body such as Haematological, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Muscle Physiology and Neurophysiology.

Exercise therapy Laboratory

Exercisetherapy and Kinesiology department is well equipped with instruments to analyse and treat human movement, strength, locomotion and posture. Students are taught assessment of important aspect of human biomechanics and well trained to use various manual and mechanical tools such as Multigym, Physio balls, De lorm shoes, weight cuff, Dumbells, Parallel bar etc.  to improve strength of muscles and gait.

Electrotherapy Laboratory

Electrotherapy laboratory is important hub of the physiotherapy department, where students gain knowledge about various diagnostic and therapeutic electrotherapy equipment. Moreover there is a wide exposure of equipment with various companies with different built and functioning so that students confront with the differences in the same.

Further it also imparts students with knowledge of various devices in physics and 3D circuit models.